A Few Flies Get In


A novel by

Matt Donath




When you open the window, a few flies get in.

- Deng Xiao Ping





It's taken me a long time to get this out. Most of my notes for it are based on actual events and were taken in the fall of 1989. A few years after that I had a rough draft of a novel completed. However, several moves and travels resulted in my loss of this version! So, years passed before I had the heart to redo the task.


I think it was a blessing in disguise that I lost that first version. First, because the Chinese people who I have based some characters on are now in a safer position. Second, the current version is a bit more mature. Unfortunately it still needs a bit of work. The characters need more development, some descriptions need fleshing, and I'm certain there are typos and other errors. I think it's worth a read though. It will give you a taste of what Beijing was like through expat eyes in the fateful spring and summer of 1989.


One of the main reasons I'm putting this up on the web, rather than canvassing for a publisher, is that I'm hitting the road for some long-term travels. You can probably find out approximately where I am by looking at my Round The World Journal at http://www.travel-library.com/rtw/donath. From time to time I will check my email at mdonath@yahoo.com.


If you see errors in "Few Flies" then please drop me a line. I also hope to put up a list of reciprocal links related to the Tian'anmen Massacre. My heart goes out to all the brave Chinese who stood up for their freedom against a repressive regime. Keep the faith!


Matt Donath

June 18, 1998