My travelogues:

Singapore Journal: A journal of expat life and travels in and around Singapore.
Singapore Journal photos: Pictures from Singapore Journal days.
Round The World Journal: An ongoing travelogue starting in Asia and continuing in other places.
Sybil's meticulous expense report for the Round The World Journal: Excel spreadsheet file format.
Britain 99: A short travelogue on Great Britain.
Chicago Journal: A journal for tourists visiting Chicago.
Glacier Journal: An account of a memorable trip to Glacier National Park.

Health Stuff:

Sybil Updates: Sybil's health updates.
Some notes about health.
How to make kambucha.

Other Stuff:

My list of Best Movies.
A Few Flies Get In: A novel about expats in Beijing during the Tiananmen Square massacre.
My Geocities Home Page: Pretty much the same stuff as here -- but usually newer! Actually, many of these links just go there now.
Gardening is the handiest excuse for being a philosopher.
Ray Bradbury (Dandelion Wine )

Matt Donath

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